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1. In which country was Environmental impact assessment first formally established in 1969 ? –United States
2. Which device is generally used to check multiple choice questions? – OMR
3. Which was the first recipient of the "Bharat Ratna" Award posthumously? – Lal Bahadur Shastri
4. Which European Union country has its own currency and has not switched over to Euro? –Sweden
5. Which is the most stable ecosystem? – Ocean
6. Which American President was a famous film/T.V. star before he became the President? – Ronald Regan
7. Where is the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is located? – Mysore
8. How many countries in. Africa are members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) ? – 3
9. By default, to run an application through mouse which has to be done? – Double click
10. By whom was the first computer mouse was built? – Douglas Engelbart
11. Which bacterial strain developed from natural isolates by genetic manipulations can be used for treating oil spills? – Pseudomonas
12. Multi-purpose river valley projects are "New temples of modern India". By whom was the above statement was made? – Jawaharlal Nehru
13. Of which state are Apatanis are the major tribal group? – Arunachal Pradesh
14. What is the Coating of solid waste with impervious material? – Encapsulation
15. Who is the founder of "Facebook" which is currently the No. 1 social networking website in India? – Mark Zuckerberg
16. Who is the author of the book "No Full Stops in India"? – Mark Tully
17. What does the density of population show? – Man-land ratio
18. Which is the most stable ecosystem? – Ocean
19. Which is a bio-indicator of air pollution? – Lichen
20. Which group refer to dependent population in the population pyramid? – Above 60 years group
21. Where is the The National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped situated? – Hyderabad
22. Where was the first meeting of Non Aligned Nations (NAM) held? – Belgrade
23. By which Prime minister was the policy of liberalisation, 'privatisation and globalisation’ announced as New Economic Policy? – Narsimha Rao
24. Which is not a human right group? – Greenpeace Movement
25. Which air pollutant can affect blood stream leading to death? – Carbon monoxide

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (10 + 2) Exam Solved Papers


Staff Selection Commission will conduct an All India Open Examination on 01/11/2015, 15/11/2015  and 22/11/2015 for recruitment to the following posts for Assistants, Data Entry Operator (DEO) and Lower Division Clerk (LDC):
  • Assistants / Data Entry Operator (DEO) / Lower Division Clerk (LDC) : 6578 tentative posts (posts for Assistant, LDC and DEO are 3523, 2049 and 1006 respectively), Pay Scale : Rs.5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs.2400/- for Assistants / DEO and Rs.1900/- for DEO / LDC, Age : 18-27 years as on 01/08/2015,  Qualification : 12th Standard Pass or equivalent.

Pay of the Posts:
Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant PB -1(Rs. 5200-20200) Grade Pay 2400
Data Entry Operator : Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 2400
Data Entry Operator : Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 1900
Lower Division Clerk: Pay Band -1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay Rs. 1900

Selection Procedure: selection of the eligible candidates will be done on the basis of national level open competitive written examination. SSC will conduct LDC /DEO examination on 1 November , 15 November , 22 November 2015  at various examination centers all over India. The exam will comprise of a written objective type Examination followed by Data Entry Skill Test/Typing Test

Question paper pattern of SSC CHSL 2015 Revised and Updated Exam pattern
General Intelligence
English Language (Basic Knowledge)
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill)
General Awareness
General Intelligence
Time Duration
2 hours,  10 AM to 12 Noon or 2 PM to 4 PM
Exam Date
1 November 2015 (Sunday), 15 November 2015 (Sunday), 22 November  2015 (Sunday)
Question Type
Object and MCQ based
Question paper medium :
Hindi and English
Minus marking / negative marking
0.25 marks for each wrong answer

Previous year cutoff marks of the written examination for CHSL LDC DEO posts


Appeared Candidates

Skill Test for Data Entry Operator Posts | DEO Skill Test Pattern 
 Only those candidates who will be declared qualified in the written examination they will be call for skill Test for Data entry operator posts .  Pattern of Skill Test for Data entry operator posts as are follows

Data Entry Speed of 8,000 (eight thousand) Key Depressions per hour on Computer
Only correct entry will be count as a word of key depression as per the given passage for Skill Test .

Total 15 minutes Time will be given for typing on computer of printer matter in English contain about 2000-2200 strokes/key-depressions

This test will be qualifying nature for all candidates. Not marks of tying test will be added in the preparation of  merit list.  But without qualifying the skill test or Typing Test no candidates will be appointed.  This test will be held at SSC regional offices.

Tying Test pattern for Lower Division Clerk LDC posts 
Typing test for LDC posts will be held in English and Hindi language. Just like DEO skill Test, Typing test will be also qualifying nature. 

Typing speed for English Medium: 35 word per minute

Typing speed for Hindi medium; 30 word per minutes

35 w.p.m. and 30 w.p.m. correspond to 10500 key depressions per hour/9000 key depressions per hour respectively. Only 10 minutes will be given for typing test. 

How to Apply : Apply Online or Offline on or before13/07/2015 (20/07/2015 for candidates from far-flung areas).  Send your Applications to any Regional Director of SSC where you want to have your examination centre.  


You can also Apply in  Online from at SSC website at    and up to 10/07/2015 for Part- I and for Part-II up to 13/07/2015.

For further details, please view and application format for Offline application is available at 

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SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Exam (For Recruitment of Data Entry Operators and Lower Division Clerks) 2012 Exam Solved Paper

1. Who will serve as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee?
(A) of the Lok Sabha Speaker (B) The Vice President of India
(C) Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha (D) Leader of the House (Ans: Conventionally from Opposition Party)

2. Who was elected unanimously President of India?
(A) product. R. Narayanan (B) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
(C). Dr SK. Radhakrishnan (D) sanjeeva Neelam Reddy (Ans: D)

3. When the Constitution was passed by the Constituent Assembly of India?
(A) 26 November, 1949 (B) 26 January, 1949
(C) 17 October, 1949 (D) 14 November, 1949 (Ans: A)

4. Which implies the right to decide on the election petition?
(A) HC (B) EC
(C) parliament (D) Supreme Court (Ans: A)

5. The main reason for the failure of the revolt of 1857 had
(A) conduct and lack of leadership
(B) it was premature
(C) was supported by the French to the British
(D) the number of Englishmen were higher (Ans: A)

6. The Story of My Experiments With Truth (The story of my Experiments with Truth), whose autobiography?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Lala Lajpat Rai (D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (Ans: B)

7. The core feature of the capitalist economy-the
(A) Lack of monopoly (B) originally large producing industries
(C) full employment (D) private ownership of the means of production (Ans: D)

8. Which of the following is not direct?
(A) sales tax (B) estate duty (C) gift tax (D) Property Tax (Ans: A)

9. UNDP makes the is-
(A) Human Development Index (B) the quality of life index
(C) the price level index (D) Physical Quality Index (Ans: A)

10. refers to fiscal policy is-
(A) Government loans from abroad
(B) by the central government to share their revenues with the states
(C) RBI Purchase of securities by selling
(D) government tax, spending and debt (Ans: D)

11. Who get through the official form public opinion in a democracy?
(A) influencer group (B) Public meetings
(C) Newspaper (D), Parliament (Ans: D)

12. Which of the following element is not determinant of a country's foreign policy?
(A) cultural conditions (B) religious Conditions
(C) National Interest (D) Prspt dependency (Ans: D)

13. Which of the following is not true match?
(A) Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow (B) Arunachal Pradesh - Itanagar
(C) HP - Shillong (D) Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (Ans: C)

14. Forms stored in the waves of the sea
(A) the gravitational potential energy (B) the combination of the three forms
(C) hydraulic energy (D) kinetic energy (Ans: D)

15. delivery of the fetus develops scientifically known as Forms
(A) abortion (B) ovulation (C) Delivery (D) Andnikshepn (Ans: C)

16. Thayroksin hormone secreted Forms
(A) of the adrenal gland (B) of the testis (C) from the pituitary gland (D) Avtu gland (Ans: D)

Without the enzyme, the digestive juices 17. Forms
(A) intestinal juice (B) gastric-juice (C) Pitta (D) Saliva (Ans: C)

18. An essential feature of the germination of seeds whose presence?
(A) light (B) Heating (C) mineral (D) Water (Ans: D)

19. stones and rocks began to grow plants are:
(A) Balukodbhid (B) Shailodbhid (C) Lvnmridodbhid (D) Watodbhid (air plant) (Ans: B)

20. Who among the following has made very popular in Maharashtra Ganpati festival?
(A) Mahadev Ranade (B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (D) Annie Besant (Ans: B)

21. The emperor had built the Buland Darwaza
(A) Humayun (B), Bahadur Shah (C) Akbar (D) Babar (Ans: C)

22 provinces had implemented Dviraj
(A) Government of India Act 1919, by (B) Government of India Act, 1935, by
(C) The Indian Councils Act 1861, by (D) The Indian Councils Act 1892, by (Ans: A)

23. Which of the following is the world's largest desert?
(A) The Great Australian Desert (B) Arabian Desert (C) Gobi (D) Sahara (Ans: D)

24. Whenever there is a minimum rate of erosion in the river
(A) If the river meets the sea (B) depth over
(C) Cadhai be higher (D) velocity higher (Ans: A)

25. The name 'Sahyadri' relates to?
(A) Warshawahi wind (B) Himalayan peaks
(C) Western Ghats (D) Cyclone Risk (Ans: C)

26. Carbon dioxide is Watavra deaths, because-
(A) can not get the oxygen (B) is choked
(C) It is phosgene (D) This destroys tissue (Ans: A)

27. During photosynthesis, as the light-Sugrahikark Which of the following does not work?
(A) chlorophyll (chlorophyll) (B) of chlorine (C) oxygen (D) nitrogen (Ans: A)

28. If the bleach powder (bleaching powder) is left open to the air, then what happens?
(A) the oxygen is alleviated
(B) the chlorine is alleviated
(C) it becomes dark brown
(D) it is yellow (Ans: B)

29. Arsenic contamination-the
(A) Dyslexia (B) Allergy (LG) (C) White-foot syndrome (D) Blackfoot Disease (Ans: B)

30. Which of the following does not contribute to pollution?
(A) Jvvidyut power plant (B) nuclear power plant
(C) thermal power plant (D) nuclear power plant (Ans: A)

31. The two main components of dry air (by volume) Which of the following are you from?
(A) nitrogen and ammonia (B) oxygen and carbon dioxide
(C) of nitrogen and oxygen (D) oxygen and argon (Ans: C)

32. Touch whose body is found in Rome?
(A) Reptiles (B) Bird (C) insect (D) mammal (Ans: D)

33. In the energy source of the sun
(A) radioactivity (B) electrical energy
(C) Nuclear fission (D) nuclear fusion (Ans: D)

34. Nuclear reactor power generator which content of the following is used as the controller?
(A) graphite (B) heavy water (C) cadmium (D) Barilliam (Ans: C)

35. road or rail to create symmetry What is banking?
(A) gravity (B) angular velocity (C) centrifuges force (D) centrifugal force (Ans: C)

36. The application of a type used for communication software is-
(A) database (B) Image Editing (C) Fktikpik (D) word processing (Ans: C)

37. Forms floppy disc
(A) used in computers a primary memory (B) made from magnetic material
(C) a semiconductor random-access memory (D) a Aprom (Ans: B)

38. MDI form is completed
(A) Multiple design interaction (B) Multiple Document Interaction
(C) Multiple Document Interface (D) Multiple Design Interface (Ans: C)

39. Select odd item.
(A) FCI - financial assistance to commercial entities
(B) EXIM Bank - import-export business financing
(C) IDBI - Industrial Finance
(D) SIDBI - financial assistance to MSMEs
(Ans: A)

40. Twelfth Plan period is-
(A) 2012 - 2017 (B) 2013 - 2018
(C) 2010 - 2015 (D) 2011 - 2016
(Ans: A)

41. The maximum difference in male and female literacy state is-
(A) Rajasthan (B), Kerala (C) UP (D), Madhya Pradesh (Ans: A)

42. "Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven." Who uttered these words?
(A) Viiam Wordsworth (B) Lord Tennyson (C) William Shakespeare (D) Milton (Ans: D)

43. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (Siztikbiztil) Which of the following is related to the prohibition?
(A) for the development of armaments prohibition on nuclear tests
(B) the prohibition on Terrorism
(C) United States under rules prohibiting certain entities
(D) the prohibition on funding activities Lutane (Ans: A)

44. Which of the following is related with the Pulitzer Prize?
(A) Journalism (B) Olipink game
(C) protecting the environment (D) Civil Aviation (Ans: A)

45. Which one of the following Srit (Lotik) is not an example of the ecosystem?
(A) pond (B) orifice (C) Sarita (D) lagoon (Smudratal) (Ans: A)

46. ​​Daytime noise levels permitted in the industrial zone is-
(A) 120 dB (A) (B) 140 dB (A) (C) 40 dB (A) (D) 75 dB (A) (Ans: D)

47. Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, was killed
(A), Rawalpindi (B) in Islamabad (C) in Hyderabad (D) in Karachi (Ans: A)

48. Which of the following is matching the right?
Research institutes - headquarters
(A) Silk Research Institute - Bangalore
(B) Sugar Research Institute - Chennai
(C) Leather Research Institute - Lucknow
(D) Rice Research Institute - Ridge (Ans: D)

49. Who affection 'Grand Old Man of India' was called?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (B) Dadabhai Naoroji
(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (D), Mahatma Gandhi (Ans: B)

50. India ..... from Wheeler Island Agnilt Earth-to-Earth Ailsikbi.amk The successful test explosion.
(A) 17 March, 2012 (B) 19 April, 2012
(C) 7 March, 2012 (D) 7 April, 2012 (Ans: B)

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SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination 2015 Notification

Staff Selection Commission invited applications for Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2015 (CGL Exam 2015) for recruitment to Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ posts. The eligible candidate can apply to the post through the prescribed format on or before 28 May 2015 for Part-I registration and on or before 01 June 2015 for Part-II registration.
Important Date
  • Last Date of Online Application (Part-I)28 May 2015
  • Last Date of Online Application (Part-II)01 June 2015
  Details of Post
Name of the Posts:
  • Assistant (Central Secretariat Service)
  • Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission)
  • Assistant (Intelligence Bureau)
  • Assistant (Ministry of Railway)
  • Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Assistant- Cypher (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Assistant (AFHQ)
  • Assistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations)
  • Assistant (Other Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations)
  • Inspector of Income Tax (CBDT)
  • Inspector- Central Excise (CBEC)
  • Inspector- Preventive Officer (CBEC)
  • Inspector- Examiner (CBEC)
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer (Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue)
  • Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Investigation)
  • Inspector of Posts (Department of Post)
  • Divisional Accountant (Offices under CAG)
  • Statistical Investigator Gr.II (M/o Statistics & Prog. Implementation)
  • Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)
  • Sub Inspector (National Investigation Agency (NIA))
  • Auditor (Offices under C&AG)
  • Auditor (Offices under CGA & others)
  • Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Offices under C&AG)
  • Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Offices under CGA & others)
  • Upper Division Clerk (Central Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.)
  • Tax Assistant (CBDT)
  • Tax Assistant (CBEC)
  • Compiler (Registrar General of India)
  • Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)
Eligibility Criteria:  
Education Qualification:
  • Compiler: Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University with Economics or Statistics or Mathematics as compulsory or Elective subject.
  • Statistical Investigator Grade – II:     
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from a recognized University or Institute with at least 60% in Mathematics at 12th standard level or;
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in any subject with Statistics as one of the subjects at degree level.
  • All other Posts: Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University or equivalent.
  • Assistants (CSS): Computer Proficiency Test has also been prescribed as an Essential Qualification.
Age Limit:
  • Assistant (Central Secretariat Service): 20-27 years
  • Assistant (Intelligence Bureau): 21-27 Years
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer (Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue): Up to 30 Years
  • Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Investigation): 20-30 Years
  • Statistical Investigator Gr.II (M/o Statistics & Prog. Implementation): Up to 32 Years
  • Sub Inspector (National Investigation Agency (NIA)): Up to 30 Years
  • Tax Assistant (CBEC): 20-27 Years
  • Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics): 18-25 Years
  • For all other posts: 18-27 Years
Selection Procedure
The candidates will be selected on the basis of their performance in the Tier-I and Tier-II Examination followed by Tier-III Exam.
How to Apply
Eligible candidates can apply online to the post through the prescribed format on or before 28 May 2015 for Part-I registration and on or before 01 June 2015 for Part-II registration.

Bihar SSC Graduate Level Preliminary Exam Solved General Knowledge Paper (Exam Held on 16-2-2015)

1. The green pigment found in plants that perform photosynthesis is– 
(A) Chlorophyll (B) Chloroplast (C) Chloroform (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

2. ‘Silent Valley’ is in– 
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Goa (C) Jammu and Kashmir (D) Kerala (Ans : D)

3. On which river is Goa located? 
(A) Narmada (B) Mandovi (C) Tapi (D) Pennar (Ans : B)

4. Xerophthalmia in human beings is caused due to deficiency of– 
(A) Vitamin-K (B) Vitamin-D (C) Vitamin-A (D) Vitamin-C (Ans : C)

5. Protein-Energy Malnutrition causes– 
(A) Marasmus (B) Rickets (C) Beri-beri (D) Pellagra (Ans : A)

6. At which of the following locations the value of ‘g’ is the largest? 
(A) On top of Mount Everest (B) On top of Qutub Minar 
(C) At a place on Equator (D) A camp site in Antarctica (Ans : D)

7. Malfunction of which organ causes diabetes? 
(A) Liver (B) Pancreas (C) Kidney (D) Heart (Ans : B)

8. EBOLA is a– 
(A) Virus (B) Bacteria (C) Protozoa (D) Fungi (Ans : A)

9. Goitre is caused due to deficiency of Iodine. It is prevalent in– 
(A) Coastal areas (B) Hilly areas (C) Desert areas (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

10. Vitamin-A is mainly stored in– 
(A) Lungs (B) Kidney (C) Breast (D) Liver (Ans : D)

11. Female Culex mosquito is vector of– 
(A) Malaria (B) Filariasis (C) Ring-worm (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

12. Isobars are lines displaying areas of equal– 
(A) humidity (B) temperature (C) rainfall (D) atmospheric pressure (Ans : D)

13. Which of the Rivers mentioned below flows into Rann of Kutchch? 
(A) Sabarmati (B) Luni (C) Betwa (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

14. Thyroid gland is situated in our– 
(A) liver (B) neck (C) arm-pits (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

15. What is the chemical name of the common salt? 
(A) Calcium Carbonate (B) Sodium Carbonate 
(C) Sodium Chloride (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

16. The colour of stars depends upon their– 
(A) Temperature (B) Pressure 
(C) Age (D) Distance from Solar System (Ans : A)

17. Dr. Norman E. Borlaug belonged to– 
(A) Spain (B) Mexico (C) America (D) Austria (Ans : C)

18. Iodine test is used to detect– 
(A) Cholesterol (B) Fat (C) Protein (D) Carbohydrate (Ans : D)

19. Which Article of Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability? 
(A) Article-14 (B) Article-15 (C) Article-17 (D) Article-18 (Ans : C)

20. The chemical name of Plaster of Paris is– 
(A) Calcium Chloride (B) Calcium Nitrate 
(C) Calcium Sulphate Hydrate (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

21. Among the breeds of cows mentioned below which one is not indigenous? 
(A) Holstein-Friesian (B) Gir (C) Red-Sindhi (D) Tharparkar (Ans : A)

22. Under Bihar Panchayati Raj Act every Gram Panchayat has a life of five years. It is calculated from– 
(A) the date of notification of election (B) the date of first meeting 
(C) the date of result of panchayat election (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

23. In the context of Rajya ‘Sabha which one of the following statements is true? 
(A) Council of Ministers is responsible to Rajya Sabha. 
(B) Confidence vote can be introduced in Rajya Sabha also. 
(C) Parliament can enact laws for the State List subject if Rajya Sabha with two third majority approves that a subject pertaining to State List has gained national importance. 
(D) Money bill can be introduced in Rajya Sabha. (Ans : C)

24. From the following statements identify the incorrect statement pertaining to national symbols– 
(A) Ratio of width of national flag of India to its length is two to three. 
(B) The wheel in the national flag has 24 spokes. 
(C) State emblem is an adaptation from the Lauria Nandangarh Lion Capital. 
(D) Playing time of full version of national anthem is 52 seconds. (Ans : C)

25. In an election to the Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly a candidate will lose his deposit if he fails to secure– 
(A) 1/5th of total valid votes (B) 1/7th of total valid votes
(C) 1/6th of total valid votes (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

26. First Convention of Indian National Congress was held in December 1885 at– 
(A) Calcutta (B) Bombay (C) Lahore (D) Madras (Ans : B)

27. A party claims status of opposition party in Lok Sabha. It should have at least member of Parliament in Lok Sabha– 
(A) 55 (B) 65 (C) 40 (D) 100 (Ans : A)

28. Under Bihar Panchayati Raj Act, a member of Gram Panchayat may resign his membership in writing under his hand addressed to Mukhiya. After submission in how many days the resignation will become effective? 
(A) 7 days (B) 15 days (C) 21 days (D) 28 days excluding Sundays (Ans : A)

29. Post independence first General Elections in India was held in the year– 
(A) 1947 (B) 1948 (C) 1952 (D) 1956 (Ans : C)

30. Expenses of NREGS Programme is shared by Central Government and State Government in the ratio of– 
(A) 90 : 10 (B) 50 : 50 (C) 75 : 25 (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

31. Which of the five year plans mentioned below was badly hit by drought and two wars? 
(A) First Five Year Plan (B) Third Five Year Plan 
(C) Fifth Five Year Plan (D) Sixth Five Year Plan (Ans : B)

32. Who founded Kisan Sabha in Bihar? 
(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (B) Sahajanand Saraswati 
(C) Jay Prakash Narayan (D) Swami Agnivesh (Ans : B)

33. Nil Darpan, published in 1860 pot-rays the plight of indigo cultivators. Who wrote Nil Darpan ? 
(A) Michael Madhusudan Dutt (B) James Long 
(C) Dinbandhu Mitra (D) Bankim Chandra (Ans : C)

34. Among the committees mentioned below, which committee is related to Panchayati Raj ? 
(A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee (B) Shah Commission 
(C) M. C. Joshi Committee (D) Justice (Retd.) Mukul Mudgal Committee (Ans : A)

35. Crux of Community Development Programme was– 
(A) Construction of roads (B) Family Planning 
(C) Peoples participation (D) Irrigation (Ans : C)

36. Dronacharya Award is given in– 
(A) Literature (B) Peace (C) Sports Coaching (D) Bravery (Ans : C)

37. National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th August, which is related to– 
(A) Dhyan Chand (B) Milkha Singh (C) Daleep Singh (D) C. K. Nayadu (Ans : A)

38. Magsaysay Award is given after Ramon Magsaysay. He was President of which nation ? 
(A) Myanmar (B) Malaysia (C) Philippines (D) Sweden (Ans : C)

39. XXII Winter Olympic Games were organized in which country ? 
(A) Russia (B) South Korea (C) United Kingdom (D) Switzerland (Ans : A)

40. Sahara Desert is situated in– 
(A) Asia (B) Europe (C) Africa (D) Australia (Ans : C)

41. Durand Cup is associated with– 
(A) Tennis (B) Soccer (C) Hockey (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

42. Who won the Nobel Prize for Peace for the year 2014 ? 
(A) Barack Obama (B) Ban Ki Moon 
(C) Malala Yusufzai and Kailash Satyarthi (D) European Union (Ans : C)

43. ‘Bihu’ is a folk dance of– 
(A) Assam (B) Odisa (C) West Bengal (D) Tripura (Ans : A)

44. Capital of Peru is– 
(A) La Paz (B) Quito (C) Lima (D) Bogota (Ans : C)

45. Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, now decommissioned is in– 
(A) Russia (B) Ukraine (C) Belarus (D) Georgia (Ans : B)

46. What is the currency of Japan? 
(A) Dirham (B) Kroner (C) Yuan (D) Yen (Ans : D)

47. Which of the cyclones did not touch the Eastern Coast of India? 
(A) Nilofar (B) Hud Hud (C) Lehar (D) Helen (Ans : A)

48. Who wrote the book ‘Train to Pakistan’ ? 
(A) Mulk Raj Anand (B) Shobha Singh 
(C) Ruskin Bond (D) Khuswant Singh (Ans : D)

49. Who is the author of the book “Wings of Fire” ? 
(A) Abul Kalam Azad (B) Abdul Kalam 
(C) Arundhati Roy (D) Chetan Bhagat (Ans : A)

50. ‘The Discovery of India’ was written in Ahmadnagar Fort during imprisonment. Who wrote ‘The Discovery of India’ ? 
(A) Swami Vivekanand (B) Mahatma Gandhi 
(C) Subhash Chandra Bose (D) Jawahar Lal Nehru (Ans : D)

51. Which country is known as Sugar Bowl of the World? 
(A) Cuba (B) India (C) Brazil (D) U.S.A. (Ans : A)

52. Water attains maximum density at– 
(A) 0°C (B) 4°F (C) 4K (D) 4°C (Ans : D)

53. In which year United Nations Organization was formed ? 
(A) 1945 (B) 1947 (C) 1954 (D) 1919 (Ans : A)

54. Who was the Viceroy of India on the eve of Indian Independence? 
(A) Lord Wave II (B) Lord Curzon (C) Lord Mountbatten (D) C. Raj Gopalachari (Ans : C)

55. Which ICS Officer was associated with the formation of Indian National Congress in 1885 ? 
(A) Macauley (B) Lord Simon (C) Lord Irwin (D) A. D. Hume (Ans : D)

56. New capital of Myanmar is– 
(A) Yangon (B) Mandalay (C) Naypyidaw (D) Kachin (Ans : C)

57. Who wrote the novel ‘Tamas’ ? 
(A) Bhisma Sahani (B) Balraj Sahani (C) Prem Chand (D) Amrita Pritam (Ans : A)

58. Which team won the Ranji Tropy for the year 2013-14 ? 
(A) Maharashtra (B) Railway (C) Karnataka (D) Punjab (Ans : A)

59. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of Indian Independence? 
(A) Harold Wilson (B) Winston Churchill 
(C) Clement Attlee (D) Macmillan (Ans : C)

60. Who is the current Governor of Reserve Bank of India? 
(A) Bimal Jalan (B) U.K. Sinha (C) Raghu Ram Rajan (D) Nandan Nilkeni (Ans : C)

61. Who is the current Chairperson of National Commission for Women of India? 
(A) Mamata Sharma (B) Lalitha Kumaramangalam 
(C) Girija Vyas (D) Krishna Tirath (Ans : B)

62. When was Panchsheel Treaty signed between India and China? 
(A) 1949 (B) 1962 (C) 1954 (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

63. Who is the father of Green Revolution in India? 
(A) Prakash Singh Kairon (B) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 
(C) M.S. Swaminathan (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

64. Aung San Suu Kyi leader of NLO belongs to which country ? 
(A) South Korea (B) Sri Lanka (C) Thailand (D) Myanmar (Ans : D)

65. When was Poona Pact signed between Mahatma Gandhi and Baba Saheb Ambedkar ? 
(A) 1919 (B) 1932 (C) 1937 (D) 1935 (Ans : B)

66. Gir forests are famous for lions. They are located in– 
(A) Jharkhand (B) Chhattisgarh (C) Gujarat (D) Assam (Ans : C)

67. Famous painter Raja Ravi Verma belonged to the court of– 
(A) Mysore (B) Travancore (C) Coorg (D) Cooch Behar (Ans : B)

68. Which river flowing in Bihar originates at Amarkantaka ? 
(A) Koyal (B) Sone (C) Pun Pun (D) Karo (Ans : B)

69. Who among the following studied in the University of Nalanda ? 
(A) Megasthanese (B) Hiuen Tsang (C) Ibn Batuta (D) Al-Baruni (Ans : B)

70. When was the resolution of ‘Poorna Swaraj’ passed by the Congress? 
(A) 26th February, 1930 Karachi (B) 26th January, 1930 Lahore 
(C) 26th November, 1931 Calcutta (D) 26th January, 1930 Bombay (Ans : B)